Why we need to concentrate?

why we need to concentrate ..rarely during our lives are we asked to think deeply about what is most important to us.we often forget what is more important for finding and staying on the best course: why choose this careers? Everyone wants to live a better life,a life of comfor.that’s why,we need to focus on […]

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Power of faith

Every long lasting work can be accomplished by the power of faith.one should have faith in the almighty,in the law of universe,in one’s work and inthe power to accomplish the work. One should always follow the voice of conscience that will guide one on the right path. Having faith in the knowing that we will […]

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Hi. Wecome to Ignite Star It’s a metter of tomorrow. I was going to my uncle’s house. Who had at least 30km distance. I was alone and travelling in the train. Nor was there any knowing of me in the train. Say the truth so I had no any entertainment resource. I thought,that journey is […]

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